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Holiday Parties: Try Some Tech this Season!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Planning organizations' holiday parties is one of the most fun parts of our year. We get to honor the season and its wonder, levity, and celebration, while optimizing opportunities for rich connections and growth that are often fostered at these unique events. Everyone wins when the organization's holiday party is a hit!

We have procured a list of our favorite tools to meet the moment for making lasting memories this holiday season, layering in some techie awe and classic fun into your client's event.

1. Virtual reality experience: Incorporate cutting-edge technology by providing a virtual reality experience at the holiday party. Set up VR stations where employees can try out immersive games or explore virtual worlds. This unique and interactive activity will create a memorable and futuristic atmosphere.

2. Augmented reality photo booth: Set up an augmented reality photo booth where employees can take fun and interactive photos with virtual props and effects. This innovative twist on a traditional photo booth will create a memorable and entertaining experience for attendees.

3. Interactive digital art installations: Hire digital artists to create interactive art installations that incorporate technology and interactivity. These installations could include projection mapping, interactive light displays, or even motion-sensing artwork. This cutting-edge art will provide a visually stunning and immersive experience for employees.

4. Drone light show: Arrange for a drone light show to dazzle attendees with a synchronized display of lights and aerial acrobatics. This modern and captivating performance will leave a lasting impression and create a truly unique holiday party experience.

5. Virtual holiday party experience: In the era of remote work and virtual events, consider hosting a fully virtual holiday party. Utilize video conferencing platforms to organize interactive games, virtual team-building activities, and even a live DJ or band performance. This cutting-edge approach will allow employees to connect and celebrate together, regardless of their physical location.

We hope that these ideas inspire creativity as you consider the special events on your calendar this season! REACH out to us to discuss how we can help!


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